Wednesday, April 23, 2008

More lives than one

Bilingual theatre is not easy. We tried alternating performances with three nights of a play in English and then three in French. For that one needs to find just the right actors and play... We're now focusing on English language plays that sometimes include some French such as "More lives than one." where I do a segment from Salomé, Oscar Wilde's only play in French. This year we're taking "More lives than one" to Edinburgh, which I suppose is a useful way of introducing the extract below.

Off to Edinburgh

Bloody hell, we open in a few weeks. Most of the arrangements for the Edinburgh run are now in place and we have a good little write-up on this site, but there always seem to be something else to be done. And paid for.

Speaking of which, if you're in Edinburgh for the festival, get your skates on and get to the show. We're playing at Augustine's United Church, which during the festival becomes a theatre. If you need a visual clue, on how to get there, well, there you go.